During the 18th- 20th Oct. 2019 the Lucerna Palace in Prague will give some of its famous spaces to the 1st happening of the International Festivalu called PragueSpringFestival 2019. The reason for it was born from the intention of spreading the methodology of the Andrej "Nikolaj" Stankovič´s Czech Film Award for the outstanding audiovisual achievement, now offered to such also from the other nations from abroad. It is concerned on the film art which has difficulties  with the mainstream film critisism or distribution but still has great meaning. Festival also commemorates not just the 20. anniversary of Stankovic´s award (its tradition started in 1999), but also the 30th anniversary of "plush revolution (1989) as it was nicknamed by Stankovic himself and the 50th definitive start of normalization led by the Soviets and their collaborants and determination of Prague Spring movement (1969). Exactly the historical and reformal process with its great impact on the progress of the society not only in former Czechoslovakia but on the most of the countries for Soviet Block gave the importantance to call the festival - PragueSpringFestival. It will take place symbolically - in unique centre of former Czech film industry - in Lucerna Palace in Prague. The best achievements should be also presented thru Czech Centres in abroad. 

We are looking forward to our satisfied visitors.

 Festival is supported by State Fund of Culture, Capital City of Prague, Prague 1 Town Hall, Instituto Cervantes, Union of Hungarians living in the Czech lands and German Embassy in Prague.

The collboraters: Roof of Lucerna Palace, Gallery Lucerna Palace, SAD, Festival of Ferdinand Vaněk, Pen Klub, Kinedok, Czech centres and other national embassies and cultural centres.

Martin Fišer (main organizer, , +420 778 734 961)

Jiří Králík (production, programme , , +420 602 704 620

Markéta Poláková (PR, , +420 607 922 499)