About festival and its awards ...

A foundation of the festival and its awards 

Twenty years of the existence of the Award of the Self-appointed Ones (from 2001 renamed after its founder the poet and film critic Andrej Stankovič) for "a outstanding but by the mainstream and vulgered official mainstream criticism overlooked film or creative achievements led to the idea of applying the method in the international collaboration. 

The result is the founding of the new international award at once with the festival format of presentation of films gathered as audiovisual achievements from nominators of different collaborating countries. There is an importance of the connection of new festival with the 20th anniversary of the the Award of the Self-appointed Ones in Czech Republic, but also its logical connotation to the annivesary of the celebrating of 30 years of "freedom and democracy" as a social phenomenon of these past years and the 50th years from the beginning of massive totalitarian régime as Soviet satelite and strčit ending of hopeful period of so called Prague Spring 1968 led by Alexander Dubček. 

30 years of "freedom and democracy"?

This yeat 2019 we remember the events of 1989 as the crucial changement in our society - the revolutional transfer from totality to more free and democratical society. The main source of this chagement was still fruitful and inspirationl echo of Prague Spring, especially in culture and in social movements. It was also a part of the roots of Czechoslovak underground and other connecting initiatives processing also the 1989 events and its changes. Revolutional time and natural effort to get rid of the Normalization past didn´t managed enough of space for rediscovering the treasures in Prague Spring spirit and in its always isnpirational followings, especially on artistic/media and political level identical in its essence. The panel ALLIED AFFINITIES under the partnership with director Karel Vachek will be taken with the presence of other influ.  

A collaboration with the leading bohemists

 The nomination of foreign audiovizual achievements (and their authors) are made by the leading bohemists logically and with exact ethical purposes. They have to live in their country and they have to be familiar with the film scene in their home countries, especially because their work as translations and personal connection to our cultural scene on the other hand). Such persons have to have similar critical and esthetical approaches as such Czech personalies recruited mostly during the period of Czech activist scene of so called underground and Prague Spring standing against the totalitarian normalization as well as recent consumerism. The bohemist and other festival guests from this group of critical or art collegues will take their part in choice of the selected national representative from their home country (each country have one such nomination this year) as guests participating at discussions of the festival. Their "lobbing" to the festival jury is "possible". There is also their chance to reach Heinrich Böll Award for the best presentation of national nomination during the festival. Such guest´s speeches will také its part also in the pannel about the past 30 years of Czech so called freedom, its historical paraels and the recent foreign echo of Czech situation.

The 20th Anniversary of Andrej Stankovic´s Film Award

The cultural personalities around Prague Spring 1968 knew the complicated political situation. They reflected it also in before and after 1989, later in Czech Republic after the splitting of Czechoslovakia. One of such personalities was especially poet and critic Andrej Stankovič. He was very critical to those eras thru his critisism of culture, the audiovision especially. His approaches were hold practically - he was an experienced head of state film funding commitee from 1993. He was following its misdemeanors in democratical decisions by announcing his own personal awarding from 1999 later continued after Stankovič´s death by his followers as nicknamed be given to "outstanding art piece of Czech cinema which is overlooked by comformed and vulgar film criticism". Such award was hold in its tradition annually. More HERE