René Böll (D) 

He was born in 1948. As a son of Heinrich Böll, artist himself he became a founding member of Heinrich Böll Foundation and the executor of his father´s estate. He studied art in Cologne in 1967 and then in Vienna. In 1975 he directed a company Lamuv Verlag which was co-founded by him and he was also translating from Spanish. From 2005 to 2010 he worked for KünstlerMuseum Beckers Böll. His works were widely exhibited in Germany and abroad.

René Böll traveled to former Czechoslovakia ana Prague together with his father Heinrichem during the drama of the Soviet occupation in August 1968. He walked Prague those day alone more freely in comparison to his parent who got watched by Secret police. As a student of art those days he felt the events very sensitively. He was making photos by a present from his dad - his miniature camera Minox used by spies. Close to  the statue of Jan Hus standing in the middle of Old Town Square in Prague he got stopped. The barrel of the gun was pointed at him. A Soviet soldier ordered him to loose the camera. "I would give it to him. He could shoot at me 1 to 10000 but he didn´t want to have the camera," Heinrich Böll told the journalists that he and his wife saw the incident. Later Heinrich Böll silented the story to be his son´s incident who speaks about it openly now ....

During the festival René Böll  has a full programme on the 19th - 20th Oct. On Sunday at 13.00 he joins the press conference, from 16.00 he presents a movie State versus Fritz Bauer, the he might join the discussion Spřízněni volbou, he perhaps show his exhibition Vměšovat se je žádoucí about his father and at 20.30 he would be awarding the Festival Special remembering Heinrich Böll´s abilities be a spokeman of an art.