Charlie Soukup (CZ/AUS)

Karel "Charlie" Soukup (was born in the 22th Jan. 1951 in Prague) je český underground singer. His father Blahoslav Soukup was engineer, his mom was Marie Soukupová-Filsáková was a kindergarden teacher. Charlie became a toolmaker, he didn´t finnish his studies of State Conservatory after two years. He taught plaing guitar and a then he worked as construction worker and gardener. He perfomed solo playing guitar and singing his ironical songs reflecring the politics and establishment of his native country. In May 1973 he married Marie Štefková, a chemistry engineer and in December 1973 they had a son David. In 1976 he was put in custody in jail for 6 months, while his daughter Sára was born. A year later his daughter Markéta was born and both partners signed a prostest Charta 77. In 1980 he became a member of the group of spokesmen of Charta 77, but soon after he went to serve 10 moths in jail. After 1982 strong pressure both physical and mental from Secret police Charlie left the country migrating to French village home where he organized four concerts oc CzechoSlovak refugees called "Gatherings by Čárlí". He gor devorsed and in 1988 he married Alena Kastlová from Australia where they moved to Sydney. They got divorsed in 1992 and Charlie lived as nearly hermit alone near town Nimbin.