Doina Jela (Rumunia)

This writer, journalist, editor was born in 1951. She founded A Group of the Independant Journalists and she worked for prestigious Rumanian publishing house Humanitas editing the Process with a Communism. She writes mostly nonfiction about the era of totalirian regime in Rumania, among her others are Cazul Nichita Dumitru (Nichita Dumitra´s Case), Această dragoste care ne leagă (Love what connects), či Drumul Damascului (A Trip to Damascus) where she transcripted an unique witnessing of former inspector of the communist secret police Securitate, dir. Lucian Pintilie shot her story The Toruturer´s afternoon. She also published Lexiconul negru. Unelte ale represiunii comuniste (The Black Vocabulary. A Tool of Communists´ Repression), with a commented list of the 17000 participants of imprisonings and crime courts. She preworded it: "People struggled under tough exams, but the humanity profiles itself the most weird ways." She translates too, for example: monography Stalin Borise Souvarina. Recently she published an autobiographical novel Villa Margareta