Most spánku (IR 2017)

Tehran-born writer-director Oktay Baraheni studied film at York University in Toronto before returning home to pursue his career. His first feature, the social drama Bridge of Sleep, freely adapts Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment and transposes it to contemporary Iran. Shahab (Saed Soheili), a young man about to get married, enters a business deal with a friend, hoping it will secure his financial future. When the deal goes sour, Shahab finds himself out of money and on the hook for a high-interest debt. Pursued by creditors, under pressure from his fiancé (Anahita Afshar), and without a legal way out of his woes, he turns to unorthodox methods. Akbar Zanjanpour plays Shabab's schoolteacher father, while actor and filmmaker Houman Seyyedi also appears.

Most spánku / Bridge of Sleep / Pole Khaab

Írán, 2016, 93 min, hraný

Director : Oktay Baraheni

Screenwriter : Oktay Baraheni
Producer : Jahangir Kosari
Cinematographer : Peyman Shadmanfar
Editor : Sepideh Abdolvahab
Cast : Saed Soheili, Anahita Afshar, Houman Seyedi

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