Magic of festival placement ...

There is an importance for the festival impression in its placement. Prague has its famous cinema space in historical Palace Lucerna - the one of the centres of Czech film industry. The festival competition is going to take place in the space of Gallery Lucerna Palace as well as in its part in Roof of Palace Lucerna. Some of the discussions might také place in other smaller and nonconventional places of this building. Echoes of the festival might be organized in other alternative places of Czech and Slovak towns - he galleries, rock clubs, libraries and creative centres ... 


Important cultural and socializig centre of the capital with ucountable history of concert, balls, meetings, conferences, fashion or sport shows ( during the so called 1st independent Czechoslovakian Republic also place of famous boxing greek-roman fights and wrestlings). There are many rooms and spaces of such interest in the complex building of Palace Lucerna as Marble Hall, cinema, bar or café. Many famous artist gave their performances here thruout the years. ... HISTORY



As today traditional space for the exhibitions and social meeting sis the centre point to our festival - for screenings and discussions as well as for special concert, musical performances and for competioan finale.


The space of the club takes place in area of Pub of Lucerna. It has a private bar and fireplace at its disposal and its interieur is equiped with fine furniture and paintings/photos from history of the Havel Family.


A part of the festival is going to take its time in recently openned magical roof of the building. Its organizer - th cultural animator Ondřej Kobza is foloowing the tradition of salons or even "flat university" known from the disident era of Czechoslovak totality period of so called normalization. INFO


We believe in some collaboration with the main cultural cities of our country - Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Pilzner, České Budějovice, Pardubice ana Hradec Králové, Zlín and other partnering places as Jihlava or Uherské Hradiště, meaning everywhere, whe is the film club scene noncommercial and active.


Thru our Slovak collegues and participants we plan the contact with the Slovak cultural institutions.


There is a plan of collaboration with the Czech Centres in abroad.