A uvnitř špion (E 2018)

The first feature film by Ana Schulz (a photographer born in Hamburg in 1979) and Cristobal Fernandez (Madrid, 1980, lecturer in film studies, musician, and editor of works including The Inner Jungle [+], The Sea Stares At Us From Afar [+] and Mimosas [+]), which was shot over a period of four years, has at last been unveiled at the Locarno Film Festival, an event renowned for its penchant for all things alternative: Mudar la piel [+] is a documentary, but it also falls within the genre of investigative thriller as of its opening scene (which is fully descriptive and filmed in a cable-car travelling over Madrid, suspended from a cord, accompanied by piano music and voiced by multiple narrators), a spirit which it maintains throughout, until the film's surprising denouement. And as if this weren't enough, the duo also make room for a portrait of the love that is felt between parent and child, for a historical reconstruction of this love, and for a subtle yet moving celebration of this bond.

Mudar la piel / The spy within

Španělsko, 2018, 88 min
Režie: Cristóbal Fernández, Ana Schulz
Scénář: Ana Schulz
Kamera: Cristóbal Fernández
Hrají: Mingo Ràfols
Střih: Cristóbal Fernández, Ana Schulz
Zvuk: Fernando Novillo