discussions and other events ...

A complementary to each screening is a discussion and presentation of the achievement by the author and the bohemist who nominated the project into the competition ... But there are also other chances for the panels and meetings with the authors as well as press meetings.


Palace Lucerna Gallery, Sunday the 20.th Oct at 18.00

A final meeting and discussion of all festival personalities with other guests - director Karel Vachek, philosopher Miroslav Petříček, sociologist Michael Hauser, ekonomist Ilona Švihlíková ...  The host is chiefeditor of SAD Karel Král. The discussion is a following of the legendary film novel ALLIED AFFINITIES (1968) by Karel Vachek, but it will be thematized also by a former and a new normalization in our seeking of freedom before and after 1989. We believe in impact of the bohemists and the foreign followers of Czech culture offering a less known looks on the 1968 events as well as our newer strugglings ... A complementary to the discussion is the exhibition To Interfere Is Needed (The 100th Anniversary of H.Böll) writer, photographer and artist René Böll


Private Club Koníček, Lucerna Palace, Sunday the 20.th Oct. at 13.00